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Collaboration is almost always necessary for any people-driven advocacy campaigns.  Building networks and coalitions of organizations and groups that care about the same issues is a must to ensure the success of social justice campaigns.  One of the services People's Advocacy provides is helping NGOs, civil society organizations (CSOs), and advocacy groups to broaden their networks and build strong coalitions. 

Following are examples of how People's Advocacy has been helping civil society organizations in building Network and Coalitions.

  • People's Advocacy has been working with CIVITAS, the Citizenship and Voter Training School, of CAAAELII since CIVITAS's inception in 2004 to strengthen its network and coalitions around immigration issues in the US.

Recently People's Advocacy has helped CIVITAS-CAAAELII to connect with the Immigration and Refugee Program of Church World Service in the No Separate Peace Campaign. To read more about this campaign click here.




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